What is Dynamint used for?

Dynamint is massaged into tired and aching muscles and joints

How does Dynamint help?

It provides a numbing sensation followed by a cool-warm sensation in the muscle groups

How often do I need to use Dynamint?

Apply Dynamint as often as required, depending on your needs.

Is Dynamint a cream?

Dynamint is available as a cream, a spray and a roll-on.

Is Dynamint a drug - containing 'active' ingredients?

Dynamint is 95% natural, and contains no drugs or chemicals and is SLS and paraben free. It's an effective combination of natural oils in a gentle cream base specially formulated for aching muscles and joints. Dynamint™ is ideal for people suffering general aches and pains…many users have reported Dynamint™ alleviates the effects of a range of common medical problems  

Can I use Dynamint whist taking medication?

Dynamint can be used alongside medication, but if in any doubt you should consult your doctor.

Can I use Dynamint whilst I am pregnant?

Dynamint should not be used during pregnancy, as it contains peppermint as one of its main ingredients.

Is it safe to use Dynamint on broken skin?

Dynamint is for external use only, but should not be used on broken skin.

When should I use Dynamint?

Sports participants benefit from using Dynamint before and after activity. Before to warm up the muscles, and after to help with 'cool-down'.This applies also to non-sporting activity where over-exertion has occurred or when the muscles feel in need of some TLC.

Why should I choose Dynamint over other well-known brands?

Dynamint is 95% natural, and contains no 'active' ingredients it is also extremely  cost-effective, pleasant to use, and non-invasive to those around you.

What does Dynamint smell like?

Dynamint has a refreshing peppermint smell, therefore is very pleasant to use.

Is Dynamint greasy?

Dynamint is water-based, and is therefore non-greasy, very absorbent, and leaves no residues. It is not sticky.

What is the shelf life of Dynamint?

After breaking the seal, the product has a shelf life of three years: 12 month for the roll-on.

Is Dynamint expensive?

Dynamint is not expensive. It compares favourably with many of its competitors that are sold in 30gram or 35 gram tubes. Dynamint is sold in 120ml and 237ml containers (4 to 8 times more product)

What's in Dynamint?

Dynamint's main ingredients are Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Calendula.

Is Dynamint suitable for Children?

Dynamint is suitable for all ages.

When should I use Dynamint?

Use Dynamint when your muscles are in need of some TLC.

Does Dynamint have any unique selling points?

Dynamint is pleasant to use, and there is no mess. It is also pleasant for those around you - unlike many other muscle balms.

  1. Dynamint Cream 237ml
    Dynamint Cream 237ml
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  2. Dynamint Roll-on
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  4. Dynamint Cream 2L
    Dynamint Cream 2L
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  5. Dynamint Cream 120ml
    Dynamint Cream 120ml
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