Kim Ingleby

International Personal Trainer of the Year 2007
GB Senior Sports Therapist


“ Dynamint is brilliant, effective and get's results. We use it regularly with all our clients at the Energised clinic, take to our sports event massage tent, and whilst we are on tour with the GB Triathlon Team at World Championships. We highly recommend to all our athletes to have at home too. It is great for muscle recovery, enhancing circulation, reducing inflammation and is totally natural which is essential for the professionals. Our clients who use it include GB team athletes, professional dancers, stunt performers, business people who travel a lot, clients with cerebral palsy and spina bifida, pre & post natal and many others! Dynamint is definitely worth having in your cupboard at home, or kit bag as a therapist. Give it a go, it really does work.qte

Kim Ingleby
Sc(Hons) Head Coach, International Personal Trainer of the Year 2007, GB Team Sports Therapist & NLP Performance Coach.


“ It's a great product that really helped my daughter when she sustained a fractured coccyx. My husband and sons also use it regularly to treat sports and modern dance injuries.qte

Dr Sarah Brewer
MSc (Nutr Med) MA (Cantab) MB BChir RNutr MBANT NTCC CNHC

“ Dynamint has been a great success for many of my clients who suffer from neck and shoulder pain due to hours using computers and laptops or driving cars. By using Dynamint on a regular basis they're really seeing the benefits and feeling the difference in reduction of pain and stiffness.qte

Karen Grinter
Studio Director,

“ Excellent product takes the pain away where other products just don’t touch it…I have osteoarthritis in my knees and base of spine: and believe me it hurts!! This product relieves the pain as soon as you rub it on the area that’s painful.qte

John Barbara


Increasing numbers of people are switching to Dynamint. They find that the blend of four natural oils gets to work fast.

If you don't feel the benefit, we'll refund the full price.

Perhaps you spend long stressful hours sitting in an office or standing at your workplace. Maybe you do repetitive tasks over a long period of time. Or perhaps you're active in playing sport…simply massage the cream directly onto the affected area.

Thanks to its all-natural ingredients Dynamint can be used daily, if required.

One of the things you'll really love about this Dynamint is that it won't stick to or stain your clothes - and you can also use it under dressings and bandages. Plus, its pleasant, peppermint aroma is more agreeable to your family, friends and colleagues than many other creams and relaxants you may have used in the past.


Below are some independent reviews on the Dynamint range from


Sounds Amazing! But Will It Really Help Me?

  • Many runners, swimmers and cyclists find that Dynamint helps reduce the stresses and strains that endurance training places upon their body.
  • Footballers, rugby players and other participants in sports appreciate using Dynamint as a muscle rub.
  • If you're a keen golfer, applying Dynamint both before and after a round of golf can help your muscles after a long day on the course.


What People Are Saying About Dynamint

"Dynamint has been a great success for many of my clients who suffer from neck and shoulder pain due to hours using computers and laptops or driving cars. By using Dynamint on a regular basis they're really seeing the benefits and feeling the difference in reduction of pain and stiffness."
Karen Grinter. Studio Director ,

"Many thanks for your marvellous Dynamint Cream. My left shin has had a burning pain, due to RSD, for the past eight and a half years. One application of Dynamint on both shins and, almost instantly, my left shin felt blissfully cool - whereas my good shin felt the same as usual. The effect lasts for up to a day and makes the other pain components of RSD easier to bear". 
A sufferer of RSD

"It has been a great blessing on many occasions, congratulations on a very effective cream" 
Donald Brooks, Preston.

"The Dynamint does appear to offer a greater degree of relief than any other remedial rubs we have tried. I have been recommending this product to friends who have similar health problems" 
Tom Attwater, Penzance Cornwall.

"I have found it effective on my arthritic knees" 
Hazel Mead, Wigan

"I am free of pain and my fingers have more life in them than I have had for ages" 
Mrs J. G. Downes, Leeds

"I was so impressed with this product that I recommended it to my Physiotherapist" 
A Page, Falmouth

"I'm writing to say how fantastic this Dynamint is. I have R.S.D. very bad. I've been like this coming nearly five years and I take a lot of drugs, one of them is Morphine, M.S.T. 60mg a day. This Dynamint doesn't stop the pain but certainly cools the leg down and believe me that is a great help and people who suffer from R.S.D. they know what I mean, it's always burning all the time so when this cools it down that's a great help, so I will be definitely ordering some more, thanks for this".
S. McNab, Abbotsford, British Columbia

"It is the best product on the market that I have found for helping to reduce pain and sore muscles. (Two years ago I had a riding accident. I broke my ankle, fractured the main bone in my leg above my ankle about 6 inches in five pieces. Three surgeries, two plates, sixteen screws and one pin). Dynamint is the first product that I have tried that relieves the pain in my ankle for hours at a time. I highly recommended it to anyone who has not found pain relief from other products." 
Carol, Canada

"I felt I must write and tell you what a difference Dynamint, one of your natural products, has made to my fingers which were quite swollen at the joints. The fingers are almost back to normal and the pain non existent" 
Linda, Canada

"I personally have become very impressed with Dynamint Muscle Balm". 
Mel Martin, President, Canadian RSD Network.

"As an acupuncturist I see many patients who are suffering from both chronic and acute muscular pain. I have used Dynamint for six years, and often give my patients a sample bottle when they leave their first treatment for home care. The results are great, patients feel relief and also because the product is absorbed quickly into the skin, they leave with no oily residue to harm their clothes. It is a great product, easy to use and effective." 
Lindsey Armstrong, L.Ac. Portland, Oregon


Sports Testimonials

Dynamint has also found its way into many sports physio rooms as a massage cream for sporting injuries. The pleasant smell of organic peppermint was well received by sportsmen who have always smelt of wintergreen warm-up oils. Team members would use the product as a pre-sport warmer and post-sports rub.

"We are a sports medicine clinic and specialise in soft tissue rehabilitation. Since being introduced to Dynamint, we now include it as part of our treatment for various problems in our clientele." 
Apollo Sports and Physical Rehabilitation Clinic, Abbotsford, Canada.

"It is an excellent rub, has a long lingering effect, gets deep down and has a very pleasant aroma. The lads love it" 
Rob Harris Physio.Manchester City F.C.

"The product Dynamint is as far as I am concerned, Top of the League" 
Barry Statham - Physio, Mansfield Town.

"The lads love it; it goes on easily and it does the trick" 
Morecambe F.C.

"The product is excellent" 
Dave Edge- Physio. Preston North End F.C.

"I was recently introduced to Dynamint by a team members' mother who lives in Vancouver. I am an athlete and High school coach at Dedham High School, in Dedham MA USA." 
Mick Rathborne - Physio.

"Dynamint is wonderful."
Judy, Canada

"I have an arthritic knee and in the 1970's had two cartilages removed. The Doctor said that the knee was very badly worn. I love to play golf and as owner of Chorley Golf Driving Range, I drive some balls every day. If I do this without using Dynamint my knee swells up. Dynamint reduces any swelling, when I play a full round of golf, before I get to tee off. I rub on Dynamint in the car park lot. When I get back to the car having played the 18th hole I apply Dynamint again. I don't feel any pain and there is no swelling to my legs. Dynamint allows me to play golf whenever I want - when medical advice would say I shouldn't!"
Gerald Parkinson, Chorley Golf Driving Range, England.


General Testimonials

"I brought a sample for my mother who applied it to what we later learned was a sprained ankle, and it proved so effective in soothing the discomfort and easing the swelling, that both she – and her doctor – wanted to know where it could be purchased"
Anne Garber Dynamint™ product review for

Arthritis: Mrs. J.G. Downes "What a difference Dynamint™ has made to my fingers which were very swollen at the joints. The fingers are almost back to normal and then pain non-existent." 

Circulation (including Reynaud’s Disease): Reynaud’s "I was hit by Reynaud’s following chemotherapy. It can be extreme in my feet. I use Dynamint™ on my legs and feet and, wow, it improves the blood flow in my legs and feet – much warmer. Good things happen when circulation improves!" 
N. Leonard, New York

Fibromyalgia: "I have Fibromyalgia which can become extremely painful at times. Believe it or not this cream provided me with more relief than any analgesic I have ever used or had prescribed to me." 
Camille K.

Lymphedema: "I have had Lymphedema for some years now, and with one leg three times the size of the other and totally out of shape means I can only wear trousers or long skirts. I have been using Dynamint™ muscle balm on your suggestion three or four times a day and during that time the size of my leg has reduced by at least one inch, and the pain involved is almost non-existent. Although I felt relief within 24 hours, after using it every day for weeks, I can now start to enjoy walking again."

Peripheral Neuropathy: "Burning and itching skin would leave me in tears. Restless leg syndrome from the neuropathy would keep me awake at night. Dynamint™ applied as often as I need it, usually several times per day and in the later evening, sooths the nerves, stops the burning and itching, and allows me much needed sleep." 
N. Leonard, New York

Lightening Strike Victim: "Your product is like magic! My friend was struck by numbs his pain fantastically. Until he discovered Dynamint™ he was in incredible pain most of the time...but now we have discovered Dynamint™ he rarely needs other medications. It's really awesome and all natural. Wow-Wee!! What can I say...a good percentage of my neighbours and friends now want some".
Jennifer A. Uniontown, PA

Marathon Participant: "Just ordered 2 x 237ml of your Dynamint™…it's just great!! It's the only thing I have found that helps my knee injury. I thought I would have to pass on running the NY HALF Marathon this Sunday, but thanks to Dynamint™ I am running pain free. Thanks for your help and for your really great balm."
Sid Busch 2008 (Well known US Military Veteran)



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