Brand Information

Dynamint is fully compliant with UK and European cosmetic law, is Paraben free and made from natural ingredients

Dynamint is for anyone with aches and pains…muscle aches and pains and for use both pre and post sporting activity

Available in three retail sizes of the cream…30ml, 120ml and 237ml …

Also available as a 60ml Roll-on and 120ml Spray Dynamint™ is used by professional sports people the world over (both pre and post sporting activity) as an aid to injury prevention and for fast rehabilitation of muscles, joints, tendons and soft tissue.


Dynamint's main ingredients

Dynamint contains natural ingredients: Peppermint oil, Eucalyptus oil, Tea Tree oil and Calendula in a gentle cream base and contains no drugs or chemicals…

Dynamint is for aches and pains, and for muscular and joint problems. Dynamint has a refreshing peppermint smell and is non-greasy upon application.Upon application the cream provides a gentle cooling sensation following by a feeling of ‘applied heat’.


Dynamint Uses

Dynamint can be used for over-worked muscles and joints and before or after sports activity or exercise. More and more sports people are discovering the benefits of this natural product range


We're so confident in this product that if it doesn't help you we'll refund the full price.

  • Pleasant to use 
  • 95% natural ingredients 
  • Refreshing peppermint smell No grease! 
  • No stains! 

Use before and after training, and apply as often as necessary to aching muscles.

The recovery stage of your training is vital to future performance and injury-free sport. Its non-greasy formula makes it an ideal cream as a pre-training application or applied in the changing room straight after your exercise session.

And remember, it won't stain or stick to your kit or your clothes!


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